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The Joys of Playmobil and Mega Bloks

Names seen to many, these toys offer bright and vibrant items that help children's imaginations soar. There isn't any limits to what a young child can do when using Playmobil or Mega Bloks, with each having its own features that makes them unique and favoured by children worldwide. Playmobil movie

Playmobil is small plastic figurines and accessories that are about 3 inches high. Recommended for ages 4 years old and up, Playmobil has a large number of lines that entice both boys and girls. One of the primary features of Playmobil is that its designs are created to meet the current trends and interests of children.

For example, Playmobil has shifted their focus for the modern, suburban dollhouse to mirror modern times. These accessories include pull-out sofa beds, giant screen TV's and modern kitchen appliances. For boys, the feeling with Playmobil is the same. While cowboys and Indians were after the popular focus, boys can use their imaginations with Playmobil's distinct pirates, deep sea diving and zoo animals.

Besides Plamobil do a great job to produce their toy sets manipulate the present world, but they also allow young children to dabble in the things they love. A young child interested in construction or trains will use Playmobil toys to identify and act out these objects.

Mega Bloks are large plastic blocks which are ideal for children 1 year and up, yet some sets are manufactured for children even younger. These brightly coloured blocks can be bought in sets which can be used to build no matter what imagination allows. Mega Bloks grow with all the popular trends and have licensed characters like Dora the Explorer or Wonder Pets.

It's times these very licensed characters that inspire new concepts for Mega Bloks sets. Kids love being able to interact with their favourite characters, while also using their motor skills and artistic niche to build gadgets. Some Mega Bloks sets are designed to interest both boys and girls, some sets are designed for a specific gender. These comprise of Disney Princess sets for girls and Xtreme Sports sets for boys. Playmobil Dollhouse

While there are several similarities between the creativity and imagination that Playmobil and Mega Bloks allow, there are lots of things that sets these toy products apart.

The pieces in Playmobil sets their very own functions and set up an issue for kids to play with. Playmobil sets also feature sets that go back to years ago, allowing kids to understand things that once existed. Mega Bloks conversely, are designed to be built with, so pieces enable you to make just about anything. Mega Bloks sets introduce the newest characters and come in several sizes and colours, interesting a number of ages.

Furthermore, Mega Bloks have a tendency to focus on the present-day characters that kids enjoy, while discontinuing older lines. Playmobil keeps producing many of the same lines of toys, but with new updates and expansions.

Post by playmobil92 (2015-11-09 13:40)

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